Required dependencies

Optional dependencies

For plotting

  • matplotlib (3.5 or later) is required to create any plots.

  • cartopy (0.20 or later) for plotting on maps.

For detecting coords and parsing flag values

  • cf_xarray (0.7 or later) allows to autodetect coordidate names and rich comparison of abbreviations or names of regions for 2D masks via

For faster loading of shapefiles

  • pyogrio (0.3 or later) allows faster reading of shapefiles. Currently only used for natural earth data (as the other data is loaded reasonanbly fast with fiona).


regionmask itself is a pure Python package, but its dependencies are not. The easiest way to get them installed is to use conda. The package is available on the conda-forge channel.

conda install -c conda-forge regionmask cartopy

All required dependencies can be installed with pip. You can thus install regionmask directly:

pip install regionmask

Note, however, that the optional dependency cartopy can be very difficult to install with pip.


To run the test suite after installing regionmask, install pytest and run pytest in the root directory of regionmask.

To install the development version (main), do:

pip install git+