Landmask (NaturalEarth)

The outline of the landmask is obtained from Natural Earth. It is automatically downloaded, cached[1] and opened with geopandas. The following landmasks are currently available:

  • Land 1:110m

  • Land 1:50m

  • Land 1:10m


If available, it is better to use the landmask of the used data set.

Import regionmask:

In [1]: import regionmask



natural_earth_v4_1_0.land_50 and natural_earth_v5_0_0.land_50 do not extend all the way to 90°S (see #487). If Antarctica is of interest, please use natural_earth_v5_1_2.land_50 instead.

Be careful, however, as the regions may have changed between the natural_earth versions.

Note that land_10 and land_110 do not exhibit this problem.

In [2]: land = regionmask.defined_regions.natural_earth_v5_0_0.land_110

In [3]: land.plot(add_label=False)
Out[3]: <GeoAxes: >