Landmask (NaturalEarth)

The outline of the landmask is obtained from Natural Earth. It is automatically downloaded, cached[1] and opened with geopandas. The following landmasks are currently available:

  • Land 1:110m

  • Land 1:50m

  • Land 1:10m


regionmask.defined_regions.natural_earth is deprecated. Please use natural_earth_v4_1_0 or natural_earth_v5_0_0 instead.

Be careful when working with the different versions of NaturalEarth regions. Some polygons and regions have changed and the numbering of the regions may be different.


If available, it is better to use the landmask of the used data set.

Import regionmask:

In [1]: import regionmask


In [2]: land = regionmask.defined_regions.natural_earth_v5_0_0.land_110

In [3]: land.plot(add_label=False)
Out[3]: <GeoAxes: >