Countries/ States (NaturalEarth)

The outline of the countries are obtained from Natural Earth. They are automatically downloaded, cached[1] and opened with geopandas. The following countries and regions are defined in regionmask.

  • Countries 1:110m

  • Countries 1:50m

  • Countries 1:10m

  • US States 1:50m

  • US States 1:10m


regionmask.defined_regions.natural_earth is deprecated. Please use natural_earth_v4_1_0 or natural_earth_v5_0_0 instead.

Be careful when working with the different versions of NaturalEarth regions. Some polygons and regions have changed and the numbering of the regions may be different.


A mask obtained with a fine resolution dataset is not necessarily better. Always check your mask!

Import regionmask:

In [1]: import regionmask


In [2]: regionmask.defined_regions.natural_earth_v5_0_0.countries_110.plot(add_label=False);

US States

In [3]: states = regionmask.defined_regions.natural_earth_v5_0_0.us_states_50

In [4]: states.plot(add_label=False);

Also create a mask for a 1° grid over the US:

In [5]: import numpy as np

# create a grid
In [6]: lon = np.arange(200.5, 325)

In [7]: lat = np.arange(74.5, 14, -1)

In [8]: mask = states.mask(lon, lat)

In [9]: states.plot(add_label=False);

In [10]: mask.plot(add_colorbar=False)
Out[10]: <cartopy.mpl.geocollection.GeoQuadMesh at 0x7f9d3ef56080>