Regions_cls.plot(ax=None, proj=None, regions='all', add_label=True, label='number', coastlines=True, add_ocean=True, line_kws={}, text_kws={}, resolution='110m', subsample=None)

plot map with with srex regions


ax : axis handle, optinal

Uses existing axis: needs to be a cartopy axis. If not given, creates a new axis with the specified projection.

proj : cartopy projection or None, optional

Defines the projection of the map. If None uses ‘PlateCarree’. See cartopy home page. Default None.

regions : list | ‘all’, optinal

List the regions (as number, abbrev or name, can be mixed) that should be outlined.

add_label : bool

If true labels the regions. Optional, default True.

label : ‘number’ | ‘name’ | ‘abbrev’, optional

If ‘number’ labels the regions with numbers, if ‘name’ uses the long name of the regions, if ‘short_name’ uses abbreviations of the regions. Default ‘number’.

add_ocean : bool, optional

If true colors the ocean blue. Default: True.

line_kws : dict

Arguments passed to plot.

text_kws : dict

Arguments passed to text.

resolution : ‘110m’ | ‘50m’ | ‘10m’

Specify the resolution of the coastline and the ocean dataset. See cartopy for details.

subsample : None or bool, optional

If True subsamples the outline of the coords to make better looking plots on certain maps. If False does not subsample. If None, infers the subsampling -> if the input is given as array subsamples if it is given as (Multi)Polygons does not subsample.