This tutorial was generated from an IPython notebook that can be downloaded here.


Every region has a plotting function, that draws the outline of all (or selected) regions on a cartopy map. We use the predefined SREX regions as example.

Import regionmask and check the version:

import regionmask

Plot all regions

Do the default plot.


Plot only a Subset of Regions

# load cartopy
import as ccrs

# regions can be selected by number, abbreviation or long name
regions=[11, 'CEU', 'S. Europe/Mediterranean']

# choose a good projection for regional maps

# do the plot
ax = regionmask.defined_regions.srex.plot(regions=regions, add_ocean=False, resolution='50m',
                                          proj=proj, label='abbrev')

# fine tune the extent
ax.set_extent([-15, 45, 28, 75], crs=ccrs.PlateCarree())