Regions.plot(*, ax=None, projection=None, add_label=True, label='number', add_coastlines=True, add_ocean=False, line_kws=None, text_kws=None, resolution='110m', add_land=False, coastline_kws=None, ocean_kws=None, land_kws=None, label_multipolygon='largest', tolerance='auto')

plot region on cartopy axes

axaxes handle, optional

If given uses existing axes (needs to be a cartopy GeoAxes). If not given, uses the current axes or creates a new axes with the specified projection.

projectioncartopy projection, optional

Defines the projection of the map. If None uses ‘PlateCarree’. See cartopy home page.

add_labelbool, default: True

If true labels the regions.

label‘number’ | ‘name’ | ‘abbrev’, default: ‘number’

If ‘number’ labels the regions with numbers, if ‘name’ uses the long name of the regions, if ‘abbrev’ uses abbreviations of the regions.

add_coastlinesbool, default: None

If None or true plots coastlines. See coastline_kws.

add_oceanbool, default: False

If true adds the ocean feature. See ocean_kws.

line_kwsdict, default: None

Arguments passed to plot.

text_kwsdict, default, None

Arguments passed to the labels (ax.text).

resolution‘110m’ | ‘50m’ | ‘10m’, default: ‘110m’

Specify the resolution of the coastline and the ocean dataset. See cartopy for details.

add_landbool, default: False

If true adds the land feature. See land_kws.

coastline_kwsdict, default: None

Arguments passed to ax.coastlines(). If None uses color="0.4" and lw=0.5.

ocean_kwsdict, default: None

Arguments passed to ax.add_feature(OCEAN). Per default uses the cartopy ocean color and zorder=0.9, lw=0.

land_kwsdict, default: None

Arguments passed to ax.add_feature(LAND). Per default uses the cartopy land color and zorder=0.9, lw=0.

label_multipolygon‘largest’ | ‘all’, default: ‘largest’.

If ‘largest’ only adds a text label for the largest Polygon of a MultiPolygon. If ‘all’ adds text labels to all of them.

toleranceNone | ‘auto’ | float, default: ‘auto’.

Maximum length of drawn line segments. Can lead to better looking plots on certain maps.

  • None: draw original coordinates

  • float > 0: the maximum (euclidean) length of each line segment.

  • ‘auto’: The tolerance is automatically determined based on the log10 of the largest absolute coordinate. Defaults to 1 for lat/ lon coordinates.

axaxes handle